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Vision on education

Human capital consists of knowledge and skills that a person possesses and acquires through education and training. DMC believes that investing in human capital is equal to investing in the motivation, involvement, professionalism, and quality of its employees. These are incidentally also the key words used by Dutch Medical Group and its operating companies. These concepts are of the utmost importance in the organisation and are therefore reflected in the vision of Dutch Medical Group and Dutch Medical College.

Vision on education within Dutch Medical College

Dutch Medical College offers employees accredited initial education courses that matches their capabilities and interests. This allows for employees to work on maintaining and developing their (professional) competences and talents in a motivated manner. DMC has created a powerful and safe learning environment for its employees that is varied, contextual, challenging, and above all didactically sound. Each employee working at Dutch Medical Group obtains education and training in accordance with the guidelines set out in the training guide. Individualised education and putting the focus on the patient are its starting points. Employees are expected to show initiative during their courses and personal career development. DMC will facilitate, support, and assess the employee throughout.

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